How to Hate and Love a Person in 15 minutes

exame de sangue

By Daiane Tamanaha

Patient: Good morning!!!

Receptionist: ….

Patient: I….I  came here to take my blood test. I made an appointment at 11:30am. Do I need to….

Receptionist:  Fill out this form and give me your health insurance card.

Patient: Alright… (Talking to herself: This receptionist is awful!!)


                                                         A few minutes later…

Patient: I’m done. Could you….

Receptionist: Have your seat. I will call you soon.

Patient: OK…

More few minutes later….

Receptionist:  Diane, Daiane, whatever….Tama…

Patient: That’s me!!!

Receptionist: Please go to room number 4.

Patient: OK.

  At room number 4

(Patient talking to herself: Hope this lab has, at least, a good nurse to take my blood…)

 The receptionist come into the room number 4.

Receptionist: Which arm should I choose?

Patient: Oh! You work as a nurse as well…..My…my left arm. (Talking to herself: Oh my godness! I wanna escape from here right now!)

Receptionist: I will put it on your arm and you will feel a pressure.

Patient: Ahem….(Talking to herself: I don’t wanna see it.  I’m gonna look at the door….It’s better!)

Receptionist: Close your hand….You will also feel a little bit. Don’t worry!

(Patient looking at the door and talking to herself: I’m pretty sure this woman doesn’t know how to do it. I will feel a terrible pain…Oh my God! She will hurt me!!)

Receptionist: It’s done.

Patient: WHAT? Did you already finish it? I didn’t feel anything!! Oh my God! You are amazing!!! The best nurse ever!!!!

Receptionist: Thank you!!!!!

=> This article was reviewed by Yvette Mintzer. She teaches Advanced Grammar and Writting Class at YWCA



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3 responses to “How to Hate and Love a Person in 15 minutes

  1. Alison

    Funny – thanks for sharing it.

  2. dahehdez

    Love it! 🙂

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