Deborah Robbins

Deborah Robbins

By Daiane Tamanaha

Collaborators: Eusil Lee, Sanghee Yu and Pinseung Cho

Many people don’t like to talk about age.  But Deborah Robbins doesn’t care. Probably because she looks younger than she is. Youth is not only in her appearance; it’s also in her mind. She likes to be active, to exchange knowledge. When her friend Alison, who is the coordinator of our English conversation group, invited her to be a volunteer tutor, she didn’t hesitate in accept it. Deborah thought that it could be an interesting experience for her. We have to say she’s right!

Who she is – Deborah was born in Detroit, Michigan. She has one son, who is married to a Korean girl. Her husband, who worked for a company in Princeton, passed away 10 years ago. Deborah has been retired only for three years. She worked at Princeton Junior School teaching music for children.  

She is graduated in Middle East Studies from the College of Wooster, in Ohio. During her junior year, Deborah lived in Beirut, Lebanon. It was an unforgettable experience.  Deborah and her friends had to leave Beirut earlier than they were planning. The 1967 June War broke out and they had to be evacuated.  

Deborah has another degree. When she moved to Boston, she started studying again. She graduated from Simmons College in Library Science. Now, you might be asking yourself, how has music entered in her life? In order to answer this question, we need to talk about her father. He was a music teacher in an elementary school. One day, he sent a recorder to Deborah and she tried to learn how to play a recorder by herself. It worked so well that she decided to work with music for living.

Hobbies and passions – Deborah also likes folk dance. She is a folk dance teacher as well. Let’s ask her to teach us how to dance it? However, her great passion as a hobby is knitting. She made herself a curtain! We should create a knitting group too!! Deborah says knitting is sort of a therapy for her. We are wondering if music, dance and knitting are her secret of youth. They might be.



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2 responses to “Deborah Robbins

  1. Eunsil Lee

    Wow!!!Great job, Daiane.
    I adore your passion.
    Actually, Debrorah already started a knitting group. It’s really great!

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