Nancy Silver


by Julia Khait

The first thing that needs to be said about Nancy is that she is one of the most optimistic persons I’ve ever met. She has such a great feeling of happiness and gratitude for everything that has happened in her life, that it is really worth adopting !

Nancy has had a very rich experience in the educational sphere. She is a teacher herself: she has taught Language Arts at all levels of public school and in courses at Monmouth College. She has also worked as an Administrator of Curriculum and Instruction, helping teachers in working out their own courses, finding textbooks, etc. As a training teacher, she has visited a lot of countries, including Argentina, China and Russia, among others. There she had a wonderful opportunity to exchange her teaching experience with other teachers from the different countries.

After her retirement, Nancy stated two main goals to achieve. The first one was to immerse herself in another culture. As an English teacher she spent a year in Prague working for a language company. She worked with pilots and air traffic controllers advancing their English, as English  is the international language in all the communications between pilots and air traffic control officers all over the world. The same work she did in Georgia and Ukraine. So, when you will go somewhere by plane, think about it,  maybe it is that very pilot that Nancy has taught!

The second goal was to speak at least one more language. She decided to study French because she loved its sound. For this purpose, she took one course of French, however, she considers herself more self-taught. She also went to live in France and made a lot of French friends. Practicing French with native speakers helped her to improve her language, as well as helped her French friends  improve their English.   Nancy and her new French friends spent half of their conversation time speaking French, and the other half of the time speaking English. However, her main advice for everybody who studies foreign languages is to find their own learning style.

The most important thing that Nancy has learned during her life is that basically,  we all are the same and that it is possible to understand each other  and our differences.  People from different parts of the same country are  different from each other as well.  Nancy grew up in Boston where people are more conservative and reserved. It might sound curious, but for her was even harder to adjust to New Jersey than to Prague!

Nancy moved to Princeton in 2004, and since then she has been a tutor at the English Conversation Group. She finds it really amazing to talk to people from the four corners of the earth. More than that, it gives her a lot of energy and keeps her young!

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4 responses to “Nancy Silver

  1. Alison

    Wonderful Julia – thank you so much!

  2. Anonymous

    I am humbled by Julia’s kind words and amazed by Julia’s marvelous command of English! Thanks Julia.

  3. brianzack

    A great article, Julia! Excellent English and very interesting!!!
    (Nancy, I’m guessing I know who “Anonymous” is, above!)
    But I want to know, Nancy – – – what did you find hard about adjusting to New Jersey?!?! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Well Brian, it was back in the late fifties when I first moved to NJ, and I was just a young bride. The clash of values threw me for a loop for a while. I didn’t expect such a contrast. I’ve learned a lot since then, and recently, when I had a chance to return to my native New England, I chose to remain in NJ. I’m very happy with the melange.

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