Walter Frank


It is his smile that gives you Walter’s first good impression. A spontaneous smile of a happy man, at peace with himself, conscious of how blessed he is for the very good life he has had; a good life that, in my opinion, he completely deserves.

A very long marriage with the woman he loves, two children—David and Rebecca, now adults,— a grandson and a job he liked are the milestones of his life.

He has been retired for ten years, after spending thirty years as a lawyer for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the last ten as Chief of Commercial Litigation.    He loved his job and got along with colleagues, –some of them are still good friends.

When his family needed a bigger house, 28 years ago, they moved from NYC to Princeton. For many years he had to commute to NYC, but it didn’t bother him: “On the train you can do many things, it isn’t a waste of time,” he told me.

Walter likes to travel (who doesn’t !) even when he was working. He told me about a trip to Italy he took with his wife many years ago, when she was pregnant and had to postpone the date of the trip because of her pregnancy. He told me about Milano, Venice, Florence and how he learnt to express himself by gesture, like Italians do. He and his family have already visited many countries in their life, but the list is still long; many others are waiting for a visit soon —Scandinavia, Greece, Israel etc etc.

With his children he has always had a good relationship, even when they were little. The only thing he regrets is that he didn’t have too much time to spend with them when he came home from work, just a kiss and good night.

When I asked him about food, he stopped me: “My mother used to call me Noodle, guess why? I love pasta, any kind of pasta,” and continued: “with just a little sauce, because I love pasta itself.” He also goes with his wife to restaurants —Chinese and Japanese are their favorite,— but pasta is better at home.

Walter is a lawyer. He is very interested and has a strong knowledge about Constitutional law. Retirement gave him the opportunity, time and Joy to write and publish two books about Constitutional law, and the idea of a third book is on its way. The third one will be about a different topic, but it’s a secret not yet revealed.

Last question was: when was the last time you kissed your wife? Prompt answer: Yesterday night.

Thank you Walter.

=> This article was reviewed by Walter Frank



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5 responses to “Walter Frank

  1. brianzack

    A very well done and interesting article, Giorgio – thanks!
    Walter’s daughter, Rebecca, and my daughter, also Rebecca, went through grade school together and were in the same girl scout troup! (Walter, what are your kids doing now??) – Brian

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you Brian. I appreciate your comment, but……are you getting older?? Where is your “sarcasm?” –Giorgio.

  3. Eunsil Lee

    Giorgio, it’s great article.
    We really love Walter’s kindly smile and friendly tutoring~~~.

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