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by Kunio

Sheila Sideman asked me to posrt this.



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Conversation Group on April 30,2015

IMG_2992 IMG_2986 IMG_2983 IMG_2977IMG_2989

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Presentation about Japan by Sayaka & Akiko(Photo)

by Kunio Yamakawa


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Romina’s presentaion “Iran”

Kunio Yamakawa

Today, March 26,2015, our friend Romina gave us a presentation about her country, Iran. She talked about its geography, history, architecture, food, and natural environment. Some in the audience asked about Iran’s relationship with surrounding countries and with various other ethnic groups. It was very interesting. We learned much about Iran.

Reviewed By Brian Zack



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Stories From Tohoku


by Kunio Yamakawa

Gaman – “patience” in Japanese. I watched the documentary film “Stories from Tohoku” on June 25 at the Japan Society in New York City. It is a film about the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster which affected the Tohoku region of Japan on March 11, 2011. I heard and watched the news just after the disaster; however this is the first time I was able to see the current situation in Tohoku.

The viewpoint of the film is that of Japanese-Americans, because one of the directors is a Japanese-American. Many Japanese-Americans, especially those who live in California, not only fundraised after the disaster, but also organized a group of young people to visit Tohoku and help survivors. I was impressed that the survivors, who did had done nothing wrong, nevertheless lost their houses, land, money and clothes. However they never complained to anyone. T

hey have patience – “gaman.” They accept everything as it is. One of survivors had a cooking license which he lost on the day of the disaster. Later someone found his license. After that he volunteered as a chef for residents in temporary houses. He cooked every breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Another young survivor said “the phase of disaster relief, emergency rice feeding, and removal of rubble is gone.

Many talented volunteers left wonderful ideas. Now it is the time we should realize the ideas.” I remember the words of a middle-aged woman: “I do not want anything, but I really hope that as many people as possible will visit us and see the situation.”

=> This article was reviewed by Brian Zack.


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New Year Party II

photos by Kunio Yamakawa

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Join the Knitting Club


 by Eunsil Lee

Our tutor, Deborah, has lots of talents like music, dancing and especially knitting. And she really loves to share her talents with others. We started the knitting club three weeks ago at Deborah’s house. We really had an exciting time at there, which had many of her knitting works and beautiful decorations. It’s a picturesque house. You should see the adorable socks and dishtowels. If you do so, you might exclaim with admiration.

We learned three kinds of stitches, garter stitch, stockinette stitch, and bind off.

Now we are going to be knitting lovely scarves with frilly lace.

Can you imagine being able to knit lace with just two needles by yourself? If you are interested in knitting, don’t hesitate to join us.

When: After every Tuesday class

The knitting class starts at noon and ends between 1:30 and 2:00pm.

Where: Deborah’s house

Please ask  Deborah (or me, Eunsil) for directions.

Supplies to bring: 1 ball of worsted yarn (3ozs, Acrylic 86%, wool 10%, rayon4%)

You can bring any kinds of yarns. It’s just that this kind is better for a beginner.

A pair of needle (US 8 size)

A simple lunch. Deborah is always ready to serve a warm cup of tea.

=> This article was reviewed by Deborah Robbins

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