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Chatting in English #1

Yuko has organized a meeting named Chatting in English during our summer vacation.  We meet up every Thursday from 10:30am to 12pm in front of Cafe Vivian at Frist Campus Center . You’re very welcome to join us! Here are the photos of our first meeting.



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Chatting in English


by Kunio Yamakawa


On July 11th we had our usual weekly session of chatting in English.  It’s free talking, so you can talk about any topic. For example, today we talked about travel, motor biking, taking a day trip, various restaurants, our Eating Club, the Amish, and organic food.  People from Mexico, Switzerland, Japan, China and the USA joined the session.


It’s a good chance to speak English during the summer. If you are interested, please come and join us.


Time & Date: 10:30AM-12:00PM, Every Thursday


Place: In front of Cafe Vivian in the Frist Campus Center, Princeton University


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