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Getting to Know Julien*


* Julien didn’t want to have his photo or  full name published.

by German López

Julien is from France. He was born and raised in Paris. He is a scholar visitor at Princeton University. He will be here for one year as an exchange student at the New Graduate College.

He is studying ancient Greek history because he wants to share its values with modern society. His passion for ancient studies made him move to Berlin for one year as an exchange student. He speaks French, which is his native language. He also speaks German and English fluently; however, he said that he is much better at speaking German. He can also read Latin and ancient Greek.

His favorite food is Lebanese. He said that in his hometown there are a lot of Lebanese restaurants. His favorite dish is Hummus (Mashed chickpeas). When he was asked about his favorite place, he said that the Latin Quarter of Paris is his favorite place. He loves the Latin Quarter because of its universities, small streets, fancy shops, bakeries, and cheeses stores. He also mentioned the Marais, which is a beautiful part of Paris. He said that “Marais” means swamp. In the past, the Marais was swamp land; however, over the years people drained it and built a neighborhood there.

When he was asked if he has siblings, he said that he has a sister and a brother both older than he is. His sister is a documentary filmmaker and his brother is a physicist. They both live in France. Julien currently resides in the Graduate College and we will be seeing him in our chat conversation.

=> This article was reviewed by Anna Dombrowski


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